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Highlights from NeoCon 2011 - Fresh, Fun and Fabulous


New thinking, new resources, and new products.  Here are some of our favorite highlights from NeoCon 2011, the nations largest commercial furniture show.  We've selected several of our favorites to share in this and our next several blog posts. Please be sure to tell us what you think about these designs!


Arcadia inspires again with fresh,  new lounge furniture:

“Taking shape literally from its name, Leaf is comprised of lounge seats and benches that can stand alone or connect with tables to create stylish yet refreshingly fun modular configurations. Mid-size modular bench system and kid’s version also offered.”



 “Taking a sculptural approach to lounge seating, Aloft rises above the others to provide an awe-inspiring experience. An upholstered body, encased in elegant wood, is supported by a minimalist metal frame to create a virtual suspension effect that defies gravity and captures the imagination.”

What I like about each of these designs is the simplistic clean lines, fresh feeling combined with the warmth of the wood panel details.  This style can take on a different look when other fabrics are applied. Learn more at: .