As-built Floor Plans and BOMA Area Calculations

CDG is the exclusive licensee of LASERTECH® floor plans in the Sacramento/Central Valley area, specializing in accurate as-builts and BOMA Lease Area Analysis. Using our sophisticated state-of-the-art laser measuring equipment combined with hand-held pen-tablet computer data entry systems, we provide:

  • Accurate As-built Floor Plans
  • BOMA Area Calculations
  • Sales and Lease Marketing
  • Space Planning and Design
  • Facilities Management or Property Management
  • Due Diligence Aid

Used by building owners, property managers, architects, designers, insurers, appraisers, and others, our Building Report has set new standards while providing a cost effective solution for the documentation of existing conditions.

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Are you aware of current BOMA Floor Measurement Standards and the impact to your building's total rentable square footage?

LASERTECH® floor plans has participated  with BOMA International as an official interpreter for BOMA measurement standards. Written BOMA Standards are available for hpurchase at the BOMA store:

Have Questions? For more information view our LASERTECH® presentation below: